Ken Whitmire.jpg

Ken Whitmire, (713) 828-5447

Do you love cooking, painting, chemistry, dogs, and Doctor Who? Then you might be a clone of Sid’s Magister, Ken Whitmire! Going into his final year as Magister, Ken has been with Sid for four years. In that time, Ken’s influence has truly shaped Sid culture. Ken has headed Sid’s floor wars for years, creating new events, acting as a judge in the competitions, and hosting dinner for the winners. Once a year, you can also find Ken hosting a swing-dance event in the Sid Commons, come through for a good time, and if you don’t know how to swing, come through to learn! Beyond using the space for dancing, Ken often spends time in the Commons eating meals with Sidizens and attending Council meetings. Ken has been known to brighten our days with baked goods, and if you feel particularly down in the dumps, ask to take his energetic dogs, Stella and Lady, on a walk! Although he will be moving on to better (probably not bigger since Sid is statistically the tallest college) things, don’t miss your chance to get to know Ken, you won’t regret it. Beyond his position of Magister, Ken is an Associate Dean of Natural Sciences and a Professor of Chemistry.

College Coordinator

Lisa Galloy

Sid recruited Lisa from the Jones School of Business in 2015, and she has been serving as our College Coordinator ever since. She is the person you go to to pick up your mail, buy stamps, organize a committee event, or get forms signed. However, Lisa goes above and beyond in her role at Sid and is always ready to act as a friend or confidant to all Sidizens. She is the person you go to to ask for life advice, rant about a class, figure out how to approach a difficult situation, or to gain a different perspective on a problem you are facing. She will also let you just sit quietly and stress-eat the chocolate and candy she always has on hand. If you’re every having a rough day, stop by her office on the first floor of Sid! In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog, exploring local restaurants, and watching good TV (plus The Bachelorette). She is an avid fan of the Chicago Bears and Cubs (and perhaps other ursine sports teams? Something to ask her about). Get to know her, while she may know everything about your online shopping habits since she signs for your packages, I promise you can trust her. As a wonderful, laid back, and knowledgeable resource, Lisa is the glue that holds Sid together.

Residential Associates


Andrew Colopy and Robert Booth,

Andrew and Robert will be entering their third year as Sid RA’s. Andrew is an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture, and Robert works at their own architecture firm. Located on Sid’s 5th floor, you may find these two hanging out in their lounge watching TV shows such as The Office, Arrested Development, or Game of Thrones. These two are also major foodies, and while they tend to eat and cook on the more healthy side of things, they will venture over to the dark side for some sweets from time to time.

One of the funnest activities these two host periodically is Sidy Saturdays/Sundays. Andrew and Robert will pick a location nearby (one of the parks, for example) and set up a picnic spread for everyone to enjoy. Students can bring games and hang out, stop by for a quick bite, and have the opportunity to explore the museums and parks nearby.

Do not hesitate to interact with these two wonderful people. Feel free to talk to them about their time at Sid, random questions about architecture, college, general life advice, or anything really. They are more than happy to get to know you.

Lisa and Eric Tran.jpg

Lesa Tran Lu and Eric Lu (ft. Olivia),

Lesa and Eric will be entering their first year as Sid RAs. However, this doesn’t mean they’re new to the residential colleges or even Sid! Lesa is a former Sidizen herself (2003-2007) and she and Eric have both served as associates at Duncan College for the past 5 years. 

If you’re a STEM major you’ll probably see Lesa in class soon; she’s a Lecturer of Chemistry at Rice and often teaches the freshman chemistry class known as “gen chem.” Eric works at Vitol, Inc. (an energy trading company) as one of its tax compliance officers. As for Olivia, she’s currently 2 years old, and loves dancing, singing, and listening to pop, hip-hop, and 80s music (catch her at Sid 80s maybe?!?!). 

They have some amazing ideas of events that they’d like to host at Sid, including DIY-bubble tea study breaks, food crawls throughout Houston, and even a Life 101 series teaching Sidizens how to “adult.”  

Feel free to stop by and meet them on the 2nd floor if you ever want to talk, watch football or basketball with Eric, drink some bubble tea with Lesa, or play with bubbles with Olivia!