Rice Health Advisors, or RHAs, are students who have been trained on a variety of wellbeing topics. These students work at their college to provide health education opportunities, health supplies and peer guidance. RHAs also act as a liaison between the Student Wellbeing Office and the residential colleges, staying up to date on campus-wide wellbeing programming. It’s important to note that while the RHAs do provide health supplies like bandaids and other first aid supplies, they are mainly here for your mental health and wellbeing. Feel free to contact them or go and talk to them if you need some guidance, need health supplies, or just want to chat! Or meet them at one of the events or study breaks they host throughout the year! 
Note: RHAs will direct students to the Wellness Center, Health Services or the Rice Counseling Center as appropriate.

For more details on RHAs, check out the campus-wide RHA webpage on the Rice Wellbeing Center website!

What can the RHAs do for me?
RHAs are trained on mental health and wellness topics such as being an ALLY, stress relief, suicide prevention, and body acceptance among other topics. They are here if you need to discuss a personal problem or issue in a confidential setting, or if you just want to learn more about the organization.

What health supplies do the RHAs provide?
Alcohol wipes, Aminofen (Tylenol), antibiotic ointment, antiseptic, Astroglide, Band-Aids, cloth tape, condoms, cough drops, earplugs, elastic bandages, Ibuprofen, hydrocortisone cream, cold compress, sterile gauze pads, tampons, and maybe other supplies. Feel free to ask! 
RHAs keep a supply kit in their rooms, and there is also an RHA box located next to the College Coordinator’s Office.

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Max Brigman

jmb27 - (Head RHA)


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Nia Prince


Room 603

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Candice Liu


Room 453

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Emma Gordon




Panos Kontoyiannis


Room 259


Bailey Litwin


Room 306


Priyanka Velappan


Room 206


STRIVE Liaisons

STRIVE Coalition is a dedicated group of students who have come together to address sexual and domestic violence on campus. The Coalition is made up of an executive board, STRIVE liaisons to colleges, STRIVE liaisons to graduate programs, STRIVE representatives in a variety of student groups, and volunteers. The Coalition is advised by the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Title IX Support.    


Clara Kraebber



Rebotee Neel




The Student Wellbeing Office supports student development and success by providing a good first point of contact for students who want to talk to someone about solutions to their wellbeing concerns. We connect with students in the residential colleges, graduate apartments, and other student spaces around campus to give advice and practical support to help students resolve personal challenges, such as conflicts with friends, difficulty making decisions, struggling with your identity, and academic concerns or problems that are more serious in nature. We also consult with students, faculty, and staff who have concerns about a particular student in distress.


In the event of a life-threatening emergency that requires immediate medical or law enforcement attention, go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room and/or Dial 911 or call the Rice University Police Department/Rice EMS at 713-348-6000.
Schedule an Individual Meeting  
Location: First floor of the Gibbs Wellness Center, adjacent to the Recreation Center
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Phone: (713) 348-3311
Email: wellbeing@rice.edu
A Wellbeing Advisor will work with you to help you resolve your concerns. We can also answer questions you have regarding Rice policies and procedures.
Some common concerns:  
Conflicts with friends
Roommate communication problems
Difficulty making decisions
Struggling with your identity
Academic struggles

Wellbeing Liaison

Cathryn Councill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is a Title IX Support Navigator/Wellbeing Specialist here at Rice University. Cathryn facilitates the LGBTQ Ally Training on campus as well.  She has extensive experience working in the fields of domestic and sexual violence, as well as working with persons living with HIV, those experiencing drug and alcohol addiction, and providing support to the gender and sexual minority community.  Cathryn loves swimming, playing games, and spending time with her wife, family of cats and her dog, Oreo. 

Cathryn Councill, LCSW (she, her, hers)
Title IX Resource Navigator and Student Wellbeing Specialist
Rice University | Wellbeing and Counseling Center
6100 Main St. | MS-704 | Houston, TX 77005-1827

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