Our Listservs

Sid Richardson College — sidrich@mailman.rice.edu

Sid New Students — SID-FR@mailman.rice.edu

Sid Off Campus Students — SID-OC@mailman.rice.edu

Sid Seniors — SID-SR@mailman.rice.edu

FAQs about Listservs

Q: What’s a Listserv?
A: A Listserv is a way to send emails that can reach people across
campus. By sending an email to a certain listserv (ex. the Sid
Richardson Listserv), you can reach all the students who subscribe to
that Listserv (ex. Everyone in Sid Richardson College). Basically, its
an electronic mailing list.

Q: Can I use them?
A: Sure you can! just send an email to the Listserv you want to use,
and your friendly neighborhood secretaries will take care of the rest.

Q: What should I put on the Listservs?
A: Anything that would apply to all the members of the Listserv
(Sid-wide/Campus-wide changes, info on upcoming Sid events, etc). For
example on Sid’s Listserv you can send info on intramurals, ticket
sales in the commons, review sessions, etc. Also, if something
large/important was lost, you can mail the Listserv.

unimportant lost items, info about random internships/committees,
naked pictures, etc.