O-Week Book

The O-Week book is filled with tons of information about the theme, Sid, and what you should expect out of O-Week. If you want to reference the digital version of the O-Week book, please download it here.

Important Videos

If you want a better understanding of what Sid Richardson College has to offer, watch this video by Gerald Wang, Sid ‘22! The room featured in the video is a “corner suite,” which is one of two options for room layouts at Sid. The only difference for the “vator suite” is the bathroom connects the two doubles.

New Student Facebook Page

Please don't forget to join our TomorrO-Week Facebook Page! This will be the best place to get up-to-date information about O-Week from your Coordinators, as well as fun posts and videos. It is also a great place to directly communicate with us and the rest of Sid's incoming class.