Floor Wars

Throughout the school year, each floor at Sid joins together and competes in a wide range of events, varying from ice-cream making to karaoke. The floor with the most points at the end of the year gets a dinner at the Master’s House. And bragging rights :)


Every year some Sidizens will co-advise at another college during O-Week. As punishment for their betrayal to Sid, “traitorous” Sidizens are put in chairs in the elevator. Starting from 7th, the elevator stops on each floor while the New Sidizens and Advisors “vator” the traitors by throwing food, silly string, glitter, paint, and other messy items at them. This tradition is a means to reclaiming their alliance to Sid.

Orc Raid

Twice a year, Sidizens dress up by smearing themselves with black, red, and yellow paint, wearing black clothes, and carrying around torches and glowsticks. Like a scene from a horror movie, the Sidizens assemble themselves late at night and systematically terrorize the shorter and lesser colleges by invading their commons and crashing their events.

Radio Free Sid

Radio Free Sid each Friday allows various musical genres, ranging from classical to rap to J-pop, to blare across campus from Sid’s 7th-floor balcony. Radio Free Sid is always a blast because Sid people have the best playlists, and we get to experience music we may not have heard before. Sid’s official theme song, AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” always starts Radio Free Sid at 4pm and ends it at 7pm.

Squid Richardson Day

Once upon a time, a member of Will Rice college drew a whale on their college’s calendar, and that day became known as Whale Rice Day. Seeing an opprtunity to overshadow Will Rice with a truly superior pun, a group of Sidizens began the rival Squid Richardson Day, on which all Sidizens change their Facebook profile pictures to squids. This tradition takes place each September.

Primal Scream

Let’s face it, finals are horrible. So each semester, during finals when stress is at an all time high, Sidizens head out to the balconies at midnight for an organized frustration-relieving screaming session.

Sid Skate

During Winter finals, Sid rents out the Galleria’s ice skating rink so that Sidizens can can take a break from studying to play games and skate on the ice!

Beer Bike

Sid is one of the colleges with the earliest wake-ups on Beer Bike morning! The night before Sid’s early morning wake-up, the Beer Bike Coords send out the traditional “Night Before Beer Bike” poem and put together an elite wake-up crew to play “Ride of the Valkyries” on the stacks as the best day ever begins. 

Keg in the Club (KITC)

Most Fridays, Sidizens can be found in our Country Club (the grassy area near the volleyball court) spending time together and de-stressing from the week with friends. Cider/beer is provided for those 21+ while food, fun, cornhole, volleyball, and other activities are provided for all to enjoy!

S’morc Raid

While Orc Raid is a great opportunity for us to bond as a community by demonstrating our superiority over the other smaller and lesser colleges, Sid also offers S’morc Raid as a more low-key alternative event. During S’morc Raid (which happens at the same time as Orc Raied), Sidizens hang out in the Magister’s garden and make delicious smores over the fire pit. 

Floor Culture

While other colleges may boast about their commons culture, Sid enjoys BOTH commons culture AND floor culture! This means that you will often find friendly groups of Sidizens working or hanging out in the commons or floor commons during the evenings . Additionally, each floor has a slightly different vibe and culture to it. For example, 2nd is usually known for its quiet and studious culture, 5th is known for its boisterous board game and poker culture, 6th is known for being the most spirited (in floor wars and just in general), and 7th is known for its welcoming and fun parties. Floor culture changes and evolves over the years, and Sidizens are always invited to take the initiative and help shape their floor’s culture!

Sid Secret Santa

A new tradition started by the Traditions Committee this past year, Sid Secret Santa allows Sidizens to come together right before finals season to enjoy snacks together, exchange small gifts, and spread some much needed holiday cheer.