Here at Rice, each college has a number of amazing faculty, staff, alumni, and community members that are affectionately referred to as Associates. At Sid, they are the best of the bunch. They cheer on our Powderpuff, sponsor study breaks, and do whatever they can to make your college experience the best it can possibly be. Our Associates fall under three categories: Faculty Associates, University Associates, and Community Associates. Faculty Associates are made up of lecturers and professors. University Associates are staff who work at Rice. Community Associates are members of the Houston Community, sometimes Rice alum, who want to dedicate their time to help students explore options outside of Rice. 

How to Join 

If you are interested in becoming a Sid Associate, please email our Associates Committee at for more information. You can also apply using this form. Your information and a short description will be presented at our weekly Council and our college will vote to decide on whether you become an Associate. No pressure, we are always happy to add more members to our Associates team!

Who are the Associates?


How do you Interact with Associates?

Go to Associate’s Night (a reception and dinner extravaganza held each semester on behalf of the Sid Servery Chef). Take their classes. Keep in touch with your O-Week Associates. Facebook friend them if you must. If you’re looking for some good conversation and some cool adults, just introduce yourself. They’re really eager to meet you, and they have plenty of stories and memories from their own Sid and Rice experiences. And just think: you might someday become an Associate, too!