The Core Team of Senior Sidizens is made up of a College Magister, Resident Associates, and the College Coordinator. The Magister and RAs are faculty and staff who live at Sid. They heavily contribute to the culture at Sid, and support the Sid government. They help run the college and are there to support all Sidizens, whether they live on or off campus. If you need any help navigating academic, personal, or social challenges, the Magister and RAs are a voice of experience. During the academic year, the A-Team host a variety of events in their living spaces, like movie nights or study breaks.



Michel and Melanie Achard,

Bonjour y’all!

We are the Sid Magisters. Our role is to work with Sidizens as they administer the college and serve as a liaison between Sid and the university at large.

We are a bicultural team.  Michel is from the French Alps and is currently a Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences. He loves his research into language and cognition but he is also extremely passionate about skiing, tennis, football (American and the other kind), cycling, and more generally any form of outdoor exercise. And he loves to talk too! So do not hesitate to engage him in conversation when you see him! Melanie is from San Diego and a software engineer. Though definitely a ‘techie’, she has many interests that pull her away from her monitor, including yoga, painting, gardening, and playing board games. Two cats make up the rest of our family. You will probably see them lounging in a window or running around the garden.

We look forward to sharing meals with you, cheering you on in your endeavors, and celebrating your many successes. We will also be here to give you a cookie or a shoulder to cry on when things get a little tougher.  We view it as a privilege to be part of the wonderful Sid community and we hope that our experience at Rice and in Houston can help you navigate some of the intricacies of college life, so you can make the most of this incredible time. 

Bienvenue à Sid!

College Coordinator

Lisa Galloy

Sid recruited Lisa from the Jones School of Business in 2015, and she has been serving as our College Coordinator ever since. She is the person you go to to pick up your mail, buy stamps, organize a committee event, or get forms signed. However, Lisa goes above and beyond in her role at Sid and is always ready to act as a friend or confidant to all Sidizens. She is the person you go to to ask for life advice, rant about a class, figure out how to approach a difficult situation, or to gain a different perspective on a problem you are facing. She will also let you just sit quietly and stress-eat the chocolate and candy she always has on hand. If you’re every having a rough day, stop by her office on the first floor of Sid! In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog, exploring local restaurants, and watching good TV (plus The Bachelorette). She is an avid fan of the Chicago Bears and Cubs (and perhaps other ursine sports teams? Something to ask her about). Get to know her, while she may know everything about your online shopping habits since she signs for your packages, I promise you can trust her. As a wonderful, laid back, and knowledgeable resource, Lisa is the glue that holds Sid together.

Residential Associates

Lesa Tran Lu and Eric Lu (ft. Olivia),

Lisa and Eric Tran.jpg

Lesa and Eric will be entering their second year as Sid RAs. A former Sidizen herself (2003-2007), Lesa is a Lecturer of Chemistry and teaches the freshman chemistry class known as “gen chem” and the popular “Chemistry of Cooking” course. She is also starting a Bioelectronics PhD training program at Rice this year, too. Eric works at Motiva Enterprises as a corporate tax accountant. Their sassy daughter Olivia is currently 3 years old who loves painting, dancing, and watching her favorite Disney Princess movies.

Some of the fun activities they hosted during their first year as RAs at Sid include a salsa-making competition, a karaoke night, spicy ramen study breaks, and even a Life 101 series teaching Sidizens how to “adult.” Feel free to stop by their apartment on the 2nd floor if you ever want to chat about life, watch football or basketball with Eric, bake cookies and drink some bubble tea with Lesa, or play with Olivia!


William Edmond

I am William Edmond; born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC.  For my undergraduate degree, I attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. With aspirations to become a basketball coach at the collegiate level, I chose to earn a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. My goal was to understand players and work to maximize their potential in any field competition.  When this plan did not work out as planned, I found an alternate route.

Upon graduating, I pursued graduate studies at The Ohio State University.  While in Columbus, OH, I received a Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  At Ohio State, I held several positions across different departments, including, but not limited to, Residence Life, Social Change, and the Student Athlete Support Services Office.  

Professionally, I work as the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs and have been in this role for two years.  In this position, I strive to create a campus environment where students can earn a quality education free from harassment.  To do this, I support multicultural student organizations, work closely with the Diversity Facilitators program, and provide training that helps build cultural competency skills.

This new opportunity to serve as a Resident Associate at Sid Richardson will not be my first time living on campus during my professional career.  I am excited about the future at Sid and look forward to us having a positive impact on each other. For fun, I love to be active through sports, travel across the country, and spend time with friends.  As the new year begins, I anticipate engaging students to ensure they have an unforgettable experience at Sid Richardson College.

Please feel free to stop by the 5th floor and hello if I don’t get the chance to greet you first!