Below is a list of links and other resources for Sidizens to access. These include our Constitution, Bylaws, petitions, budget information, and more. If there is something you would like to see on our Resources page, please contact your Webmasters. 


The governing document for all of Sid. All members of Sid Government are expected to abide by it. Our Constitution lays out things such as the election process, Room Draw and Room Jack, Parking, and more. The Constitution is maintained and updated by our Parliamentarians in the Constitution Committee. All Amendments must be voted on at Council. 


Our Bylaws govern various aspects of Sid. These include rules for our various Committees, College Spaces, Listservs, Awards, Noise Policy, and more. Our bylaws are maintained by our Constitution Committee. Amendments to our Bylaws must be voted on at Council.


Our budget is updated each year to reflect our College's needs. Each committee and floor has a budget that they are allocated to spend throughout the year. We also have the Initiative Fund for all Sidizens to utilize. This fund exists to empower Sidizens to fund anything they feel would benefit the College. All Initiative Fund proposals are voted on at Council. If you have any questions about the Budget or Initiative Fund, please contact the Treasurers. 

Low Income Accessibility Fund

Sid strives to make activities affordable to all who wish to attend. If you would like to attend an event like Rondelet or purchase gear for an event, such as a Beer Bike or College Night shirt, you have the opportunity to do so by using the Low Income Accessibility Fund. This is a set of money that Sid budgets separately for you to use if you would like to afford such an opportunity. To use this fund, please fill out this form! Contact our Magister if you have any questions.

Check In On A Friend

This form is to have an RHA check-in on one of your friends or fellow Sidizens! Whether this person is struggling with something long-term, they just need someone to talk to, or you're not totally sure and want someone to check in on them, we are here to talk to them and ensure they have the resources and support that they need. This form is anonymous but you have the option to give your name if you'd like us to follow-up with you in person as well.

Council Minutes

Council Minutes are a brief and entertaining summary of our weekly EC and Council meetings. These minutes are written by our Secretaries and are printed and posted in the Commons the following day. If you have any questions about Council Minutes, please contact the Secretaries. 

Freshman Service Hours

As part of the Freshman Room Draw procedure, we require our Freshman Sidizens to participate in a minimum of 2 service hours. Service Hours can come from volunteering at events, caregiving, etc. Suites who sign up for Room Draw must have the minimum number of service hours completed, or they will be placed at the bottom of the Room Draw list. All suites will be ranked among the Freshman class in terms of the total number of service hours accumulated by the suite. Suites with the highest number of hours completed will pick first among the Freshman class. If you have any questions about Freshman Service Hours, contact your Vice Presidents. 

Election Petition

If you would like to run for a position at Sid, please make sure to fill out this Election Petition and have it signed by 25 members of the College. Once filled out, please turn in the form to your Elections Committee Chair, along with a blurb stating why you are running. 

Economic Accessibility at Rice

Life in Houston can be expensive, but we believe that cost should not be a barrier to having an enjoyable and successful undergraduate career. Here is a compilation of resources all geared towards making the Rice and Houston experience more accessible so that you can spend less time worrying about finding these resources and more time sleeping/studying/having a blast at Sid!

~Flyer created by Sonia Torres Hanszen ‘19 and Ariana Engles Lovett ‘20

The Fish House Fund

The Fish House Fund awards one Sid Rich sophomore, junior, or senior a one-time gift of $1,000 to be used in a manner of their choosing. It can be used for a cool project for yourself, the community, or anything really. For more information about how to apply, please visit the link.

Green Event Guide

Event planning for Sid and want to make sure your event is environmentally friendly? Look no further! Here is a guide for how to host events that minimize the waste generated, with ideas ranging from using greenware to buying in bulk to reduce package waste! This guide was created by the campus Eco Reps.