Pester the Prez

Have any ideas, suggestions, or *constructive* criticisms for our President? Please fill out this form. It is completely anonymous, but your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you want to leave your name so that the President may follow up with you, you may do so at the bottom of the form. Please utilize this form so that we can make Sid the best and most welcoming College that it can be! Yay democracy!

Space Request

If you, your group, or organization need to use a space at Sid, please fill out this form. Any request for a common space (Big Room, Commons, Country Club) will be voted on at Council (every Tuesday). Requests for spaces such as the PDR will be approved by the Secretaries as long as there is no conflic with another request. 

PCard Request

Need to spend your budget? You’ve come to the right place. Our Treasurers have streamlined the PCard checkout process so that it may be easier and more efficient for everyone to do their jobs.  If you have any questions, please be sure to contact your Treasuers: Candice Liu and Mojola Balogun. 

PCard Return

Please fill out this form to return your PCard and upload your reciepts. Treasurers will also need a physical copy of your reciepts for record keeping purposes. Please write which budget the event will come out of as well as what the event was for on the top of your reciepts before uploading and turning them in. 

Example: Socials: Keg in the Club food

Initiative Fund Request

This form allows Sidizens to place a request for the Sid Initiative Fund. The Sid Initiative Fund is meant to be used by Sidizens for Sidizens! Requests can be for items or supplies for an event.

Requests under $100 are approved via the president's discretion. Requests over $100 must be approved by Council.

Greenware Checkout

Care about the environment? Need plates and bowls for your event? Look no further! Our Eco-Rep has provided us with 120 reusable bowls, plates and cups that are available to be checked out by any and all Sidizens for anything taking place at Sid. Please fill out this form a minimum of 24 hours before you need to check out your greenware. This will operate under a first come, first serve basis.

To return your greenware, please place them on the H&D trays next to the servery so that H&D may wash them.

H&D Work Order

Is your hot water not working? Are the dryers in the basement not drying? Did the elevator break for the fourth time this month? No need to fear, just fill out a work order with H&D and they will work to solve the problem as soon as possible. You can also email them at

Please be sure to include the room number and/or location, as well as a detailed description of the problem. If the washer/dryers are broken, please provide the alphanumeric code located on the front of the machine. 

Example: Sid Richardson College: Room 201. Please replace the light bulb over the mirror in the restroom. 

GA Request

Need something posted in the Sid General Anouncements? Please be sure to fill out this form to help us spread that information to all of Sid. 

Please keep your descriptions brief and to the point. If you have an extensive amount of information, please provide a link to a website, Facebook Page, etc. 

If you have any questions, please email the secretaries at

Senator Suggestions

Want to make your voice heard? Have a suggestion for your favorite Senator? Or just want to see what fantastic ideas others have come up with? Then stop by the Senator Suggestions website! Here, you can propose new ideas and vote on suggestions by your fellow students. The Senator will frequently check this site and bring up the top suggestions during Council, so stop by today!

Property Request

Need to borrow something from Sid for one of your events? Please fill out this form. We vote on property requests every Tuesday at Council. If you have any questions, please email the Vice Presidents at

Sid Food Form

Want to send your compliments to the chef? Have a certain favorite food you want to request? Fill out our Sid Food Form! Responses will go to our wonderful Chef Kim.