Welcome to TomorrO-Week

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When you first set foot on Rice’s beautiful campus in the fall, you’ll be entering into one of the most fun, helpful, and exciting weeks that Rice has to offer: O-Week. Orientation Week (O-Week for short) is a week-long program dedicated to getting New Students acclimated to their life
at Rice. This includes academic advising, tours of campus, and general introductions to Rice’s culture. O-Week is packed full of events designed to welcome you into our community, and no matter what activity you’re doing (from scavenger hunts to late-night food runs), we hope that you start to find a home away from home at Rice and within Sid.


Inclusivity. Community. Empowerment. Growth. These are the guiding principles behind Sid O-Week 2019. By embracing the unique perspective of each New Student, we hope to cultivate a community made stronger through its differences. In doing so, we strive to empower the incoming class to find their identity, both as individuals and as a collective. We aspire to encourage this growth by connecting New Students to the vast network of resources and support present at this university. In this period of transition for Sid Richardson College, we aim to instill our rich culture and traditions while inspiring the next generation of Sidizens to forge a new path for Rice, for our college, and for themselves.


Our theme of TomorrO-Week focuses on the potential of the matriculating class and your bright futures here at Rice. While the theme brings to mind spaceships and lasers, it also brings to mind a more personal form of the “future” that invites you to reflect on your individual goals and aspirations. We wish to highlight that Rice is a place full of opportunity and that your time here will shape the course of the remainder of your lives. O-Week is the first time that New Students can truly engage with what it means to be a Rice student, and it seems apt that the first word you see is “tomorrow,” with all of the hopefulness that powerful word entails.

Meet the Coordinators


Christina Brown


Hey y’all! You probably don’t even know how lucky you are to have the one and only Christina Brown as one of your O-Week Coordinators!! Christina, or Chrissy as some of her suitemates call her, hails from the formerly smokey, but now gorgeous city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s traded her colloquialisms from yinz to y’all, nevertheless this Sid Rich senior is fiercely loyal to her hometown, so make sure you don’t accidentally mistake her for a Philadelphian! As an Environmental Science and History double major, Christina enjoys her diverse academic schedule and is continually proud to never have taken an 8AM. She puts her studies to use as one of the Sid Eco-Reps and organizes environmental initiatives across campus and at Sid. Outside of the classroom, Christina dominates on the sports field as one of the captains of Rice’s women’s ultimate frisbee team, Torque. If you can’t find Chrissy on Sid sixth, it’s a pretty safe bet that she’s on the frisbee field. In addition to leading this National Championship winning club team, Christina plays or has played nearly every IM sport Sid has to offer, from floor hockey to softball. Needless to say, this Sidizen definitely has a competitive streak and is always willing to play a board game, hang in a hammock, or chat on a Sid balcony. If you want to hear from a worldly traveler, Chrissy is the right person to talk to. When she isn’t in school at Rice or home in Pittsburgh, you can find her casually studying abroad in some fancy European city, like Vienna where she spent last fall. Christina is also always excited to join any adventures, from finding the best boba in Houston to absurd backpacking trips in the middle of nowhere. - Rhea Cholia and Trevor Egerton, Sid ‘20

Clarise Trinh


If you’re ever looking for some instant ramen, a new Spotify playlist, or a really baller hug, look no further than the one and only Clarise Trinh! This junior Chemistry major knows all about chemical bonds, and her kind heart and dedication to Sid means that she’ll definitely spend time bonding with you. Even with her busy pre-med schedule, this native Houstonian still manages to find time to get involved across campus. As a member of Rice EMS, you can catch her zooming around campus in a golf cart and uniform, serving looks and saving lives. Clarise is also on Torque, Rice’s women’s club ultimate frisbee team, and leads a small group for Chi Alpha. Her position as one of Sid’s Vice Presidents is just a taste of Clarise’s passion for our residential college.The incoming class is lucky to have an O-Week Coordinator as friendly and dedicated as Clarise, and we hope that you get to see all the things that we love about her. She’s always ready to have deep conversations or be your aggressive cheerleader. Despite this busy girl’s ridiculous schedule, she’ll
always make time for you, even if that means finishing a 1000 piece puzzle with you right before her midterm. But don’t let Clarise’s caring and genuine personality fool you - whether you’re racing to finish the Thresher crossword puzzle or competing in a scavenger hunt, she’ll never fail to bring out your competitive side... and she’ll never go easy on you. Clarise is already a light in many lives at Sid, and we’re sure she’ll be a light in yours...or at least someone to snack on takis and binge watch a few Netflix episodes with. You’ll want to introduce yourself to Clarise - but I bet she’ll beat you to it. - Carrigan Hudgins, Tina Liu, Nia Prince, Sid ‘21, and Sydney Parks, Sid ‘20

Oren Pazgal


The man, the myth, the legend. Oren Pazgal is a native Houstonian with a knack for computer science and CAAM (computational and applied mathematics). Sid’s very own O-Week Coordinator spends his days watching Netflix, sports, and grinding comp assignments, seemingly at the last minute; although, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot him getting huge at the rec. Now imagine the sweetest, most caring, nicest, bubbly person you can imagine. Now that you’ve got that image in your head, let me make it clear: That isn’t Oren. Sid’s very own roast king never hesitates to dish out some bittersweet love to anyone within his direct vicinity. Be careful, you’re only ever about five seconds away from one of Oren’s roasts. Although this might seem daunting, Oren is also happy to talk anyone’s ears off about Houston sports teams and sports in general. With a ‘get stuff done’ attitude and focused mind set, Oren never fails to finish a job efficiently and well done. To all future Sidizens reading this bio, O-Week and the genesis of your time here at Sid are safe in Oren’s hands. - Jared Aiman, Sid ‘21